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Well we’ve had a great Sunday taking care of the house.  With all I’ve been up to getting the store up and running, the housework has suffered a little.  I’m usually a die-hard garden enthusiast and you’ll find me drooling over the rows of plants at local nurseries.  This summer I’m choosing to scale back on gardening and trying to keep things simple.  Today we did some cleaning up of the garden edges, planned some simple white annuals and also added hanging ferns to the porch.  I even scraped down and repainted the front porch!  It looks very fresh and clean!


Sara clipped some roses from our flopping climbing rose bush and placed them in a milk glass vase from her grandparents’ house.  Pretty right?


Here’s hoping you have plenty of relaxing days of sunshine and gardening this summer!


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Prepping My Office

I’m so excited because soon I get to take on some exciting new projects  – especially some DIY furniture makeovers.  I’ve decided to make our office at home into a little atelier/studio where I can work on each project and hopefully contain the mess.  We don’t really use our office a ton to be honest, so I just needed to do a little rearranging to get a set for being creative.  I pulled out a bunch of my old inspiration images and taped them right on the wall.  I love the way it looks and I can get fresh new ideas each day.  I also snapped some shots of the rest of the office to share with you – pencil crayons, and magazines and wallpaper – oh my!

Here’s to all of your creative endeavours!  Hope you can carve out a little corner of your home to let your imagination soar…

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Well guys, it’s been another crazy, busy week and it’s not over yet!  Looking forward to a loooong weekend for Family Day and appreciating all that I’ve got.  Here’s a little moment from our house this morning (roses from Valentine’s Day) on a little writing desk in our den.  Hope they brighten up your morning like they did mine.



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Here’s a little chocolatey temptation for you – homemade whoopie pies!  I don’t claim to be an expert pasty chef, but ever since I had my first whoopie pie in Maine I was hooked and I wanted to try my hand at them.  They tasted pretty good!  Trust me, they didn’t last long…

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Paper Whites Progress

Look how well my paper whites are doing!!  They’re certainly brightening our window sill and harkening spring in the middle of the sleet and snow.  It’s so easy – you just plant ’em and water ’em and watch them grow!  They bring a smile to my face each day and they smell wonderful.  They look great en mass like this, but I also like to cart individual pots and saucers around to different areas of the house like a writing desk, kitchen counter or powder room.  You should try growing your own paper whites for sure!



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Sometimes roses are just so…done.  But grouped en masse in a single colour without any fern or baby’s breath, they’re wonderfully lovely and pure.  Here, I worked with some ivory roses and a blue and white vase I picked up at Value Village.  A match made in heaven if you ask me.

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This past weekend we held a special dinner for the family at our place.  It was my mom’s birthday and we made a big dinner and put two tables together (old school right?) with a cheerful table cloth and mix ‘n match dishes and some fresh tulips.  A breath of spring in the dead of winter I guess.  Well the decor paled in comparison to the black bottom cupcakes Sara baked.



Actually we call them cream cheese cupcakes from the days when we worked as camp cooks on our summers off from high school.  Mrs. Braye, a Newfoundlander, was in charge of the kitchen and taught us to make these for 100 + people at a time!  Well years later I found out they’re very fashionable treats in New York and not called cream cheese cupcakes, but black bottom cupcakes.  Whatever you call them, they’re delicious!  You can find recipes for them all over, but here’s one.  Bake some up this weekend – you won’t be disappointed!  Hopefully Sara will read this and make some more!


Happy Weekend Everyone!  

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