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DIY Door Moulding

September’s Martha Stewart Living had a great article on DIY tricks for jazzing up boring doors.  I especially loved this one – using a ceiling medallion on a hollow-core door with a centre knob.  Genius!  Gorgeous in black…or is it off black…

Martha Stewart Living, September 2011


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Details, Details!

This is the first in a new series of posts I’m going to try out for a while.

I’m a big believer in the idea that it’s the details that really make a huge difference when it comes to loving your home.  I won’t deny that taking care of the big picture is important and that’s usually how a room design begins, but if you’re lucky enough to get to that point where you pay attention to those little details – to create those special little moments – that’s the sweet spot.

It’s those little moments that really make you smile as you sink into your comfiest chair or that extra special view when you look through your window into the garden.  So often when I sit quietly in our house I smile from ear to ear when I notice the details.

Here’s the first picture that inspired this blog series.  A beautiful tableaux with inexpensive blue and white vases just the right size for holding single garden roses.  The antique wooden box was a keepsake from Maine this past summer and the gilt mirror is from Maine the summer before.  I love how the mirror reflects the room beyond, like an Old Master painting and the watery, soothing wall colour in the background is still my favourite.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the details in your home.

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Last week I spied these amazing vintage bamboo chairs in Toronto.  Of course I liked them for what they are, but they also seemed familiar to me too.  Then, flipping through a back issue of House Beautiful Magazine, I saw them!  They’re just like the ‘cracked ice’ chair by very exclusive, very expensive McGuire!

These are the vintage ones I found – $195 for a set of four!!!

And these are the ‘cracked ice’ ones from McGuire.  Pretty close aren’t they?

Not bad!  Just have to reduced the puff factor on the seat.

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Sweet Endings

Our good friends James & Samantha were over this weekend and it was so great to catch up.  They’ve just returned from an amazing trip to England and Scotland where they had a change to recharge and get inspired by the beauty and green of the U.K.

Samantha is an incredible chef and pastry chef and she brought (in an adorable card box) this delicious homemade cheesecake piled high with white chocolate curls.  Just thought I’d share (and get your tummies rumbling)!

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Here’s a shot of a fun DIY shower curtain idea by my friend Sally Armstrong at House & Home Magazine.  It’s totally cute and fresh!

Produced by Sally Armstrong, House & Home Magazine

Sally just used a basic white shower curtain and sewed some striped fabric into ruffles and added them to the curtain.  Totally simple!


Some other fun shower curtains I’m craving at the moment are…

Pretty paisley from West Elm…

Sporty stripes from Ikea…

Pop Art prints from Crate & Barrel…

And fanciful flourishes from Urban Outfitters.  Take your pick or Do It Yourself!  Great job Sally!!

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Style On Sale!

Finding items with great style and great prices can be tricky and take a lot of time.  Luckily there are some great sales going on right now (getting ready for Christmas I guess. The horror!).  Check out these fab frugal finds!

Find these items and their great prices on sale now at West Elm.

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Mid-Century Teak Heirlooms

Remember the vintage green table and platter etc from Sara’s grandparents?  Well Sara’s grandparents were also into modern teak furniture and so there are a couple of items that we’re trying to figure out the best spot for.

First a pair of chairs.  There are two of this type of teak and upholstered chair.  Obviously they’ll need recovering, but in what?  And where will they live?

There’s also this cool teak desk from Sara’s grandpa’s doctor’s office.  It’s got sleek drawers with brass keys.  Now where could we put this?

Wouldn’t this look amazing with a cool modern lamp?  Maybe a white and chrome Eames desk chair?  It doesn’t really suit the vibe of our house though…maybe I can spin it some other way?

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